Saturday Morning

Slim Paley

L1130545  Church garden, Boston, MA.


As we all breathe a collective sigh of relief for the city of Boston this morning, I count myself amongst the millions of good people on the roller coaster of emotions such an atrocity forces us to ride. While I’m angered and appalled that so much pain, heartbreak and havoc can be wrought by just two individuals  (choosing not to use other words that come to mind) I’m also humbled and enormously grateful for the brave battalions of men and women putting their lives on the line to keep us safe every day. An impossible task to be sure, but incidents like this surely place our vulnerability under a magnifying glass tenfold. My thoughts are with the citizens of Boston, a beautiful city I visited just recently, and my heart aches for all the families of the victims. The horrific images I’ve…

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